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We are an emerging Search Engine Marketing Services company in Hyderabad, India. SEM- Search Engine Marketing is a mix of paid and unpaid process of getting traffic to your website/blog and visibility in search engines. It is different from SEO- Search Engine optimization. SEO is a component or a subset of SEM. SEM involves paid or AdWords (online) such as PPC (Pay-per-click)/CPC (cost- per –click). Search Engine Marketing helps your business to grow online quickly.

SEM involves ads and strategies as Paid search ads, PPC (pay-per-click/call) - The amount is calculated based on the no.of clicks made on that particular ad link. Or the clicks that have resulted for direct calls from mobile devices.

CPM- (Cost per thousand impressions) - Most of the companies or ad agencies create PPC/CPC ads. Still, some work with CPM in ads. This is mostly happens in display ads or banner ads. This is defined as, the no. of people have viewed your ad, so cost is incurred accordingly. I.e. Per thousand impressions means Cost incurred due to the 1000 impressions for an ad. We can further discuss about CPM, CPC/PPC in my next post.

Why you need SEM/PPC?

Generate leads Generate leads
Meet business goals Meet business goals
Branding Branding
Quick Entry Quick Entry
Measurable & Trackable Measurable & Trackable
Budget in Control Budget in Control

Why choose KRV Guru?


We are passionate and creative MARTECH=marketing+technology geeks.


We know the ins & outs of “SMARKETING”.


We are not another “DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY”.

Unique Selling Proposition

Our USP is to deliver best results for our clients.


“BRANDING” is our surname.


Our “RIGHT STRATEGIES” can make your business efficient.

Expertise PPC Services

We are the best PPC Services Company based at Hyderabad, India. We have the certified Google AdWords professionals to work on your online advertising services. We will discuss with you on which of the following advertising services are required as per your need then only we will implement the strategies for ad bidding.

 Search Engine Advertising
Search Engine Advertising
Display Advertising
Display Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Video Advertising
Video Advertising
Remarketing Ads
Remarketing Ads


We have implemented best strategies for our client to stay on the top in Google Search Rankings. Would you like to be in the first rank of Google?

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If you are a start-up or a small business owner, confused about your marketing strategies then Hire us as your strategic marketing consultant to render best results. We have worked with various clients from different industry domains to make them grow in their business.

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